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Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) and Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) is a form of government loan with repayment incorporated in the tax system. This loan is provided for tertiary education, which you need to repay as soon as your income reaches more than the minimum repayment threshold.

Tertiary Education Repayment

Yearly adjustments are made on repayment thresholds to implement the changes of your weekly earnings on the average. There is a list of repayment thresholds as well as the rates on compulsory repayment of HECS and HELP loans. The table shown is for the financial year of 2014-15.

Taxable Income Repayment Rate (2014 - 2015)
Below $49,096 Nil
$49,097–$54,688 4.0%
$54,689–$60,279 4.5%
$60,280–$63,448 5.0%
$63,449–$68,202 5.5%
$68,203–$73,864 6.0%
$73,865–$77,751 6.5%
$77,752–$85,564 7.0%
$85,565–$91,177 7.5%
Over $91,178 8.0%

Salary Guide


The median salary of an Accountant in Australia is about $95,000. Accountants provide services relating to the provision and planning of systems relating to the financial dealings of companies and individuals, and they advise about financial record keeping and legal compliance requirements.

The median salary of a Teacher in Australia is about $65,500. A Teachers main role is to educate students from primary school through to secondary school and tertiary education. They are responsible for promoting a students' social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

The median salary of a Nurse in Australia is about $64,000. Nurses provide health care to people in public and private hospitals, aged care facilities and in the community.

Pay Calculator

Use our salary calculator to work out how much your income will be after deducting tax. We also provide information on all aspects of your salary calculation including Superannuation, Tax Rates, Tax Returns, Tax Refunds, HECS Debts and Medicare Levy.

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