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Our salary calculator is a simple tax tool used in calculating the pay or net income you will receive after deducting the PAYG tax contributions from your salary. Each pay period, your employer will withhold tax from your gross salary and will send this amount to the tax office. When the financial year ends, you will receive a Notice of Assessment from your employer showing your gross income as well as the tax withheld each pay period. The individual can then prepare their income tax return, which is the yearly declaration made by individuals allowing tax offices to calculate the amount of tax you are going to pay. Our salary calculator is always up to date with the latest weekly, fortnightly and monthly tax tables from the Australia Tax Office.

Tax Refunds

A tax refund is the amount refunded to you if the amount you paid for the financial year is more than the amount you should have paid.

Notices of Assessment

This is the notice explaining how your tax is calculated whether tax refund or debt. It is usually provided by the tax office.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly withholding tax is deducted from your salary each pay period by your employer in accordance with the applicable tax rates. In the concept of PAYG, you will contribute each pay period to the tax liability instead of paying a huge amount after the financial year ends. The amount deducted from your salary generally varies but it follows that if you have more earnings more tax is withheld from your salary. This is referred to as the progressive tax system.

Progressive Tax

The amount of tax withheld from your pay will vary but generally the more you earn the more tax is withheld. This is what is called the progressive tax system.

Tax Free Threshold

There is a certain amount of your income that will be exempted from tax. This is what is referred to as Tax Free Threshold. The threshold for financial year 2014-15 is $18,200 and above from the $6,000 threshold of the previous year.

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The median salary of an Accountant in Australia is about $95,000. Accountants provide services relating to the provision and planning of systems relating to the financial dealings of companies and individuals, and they advise about financial record keeping and legal compliance requirements.

The median salary of a Teacher in Australia is about $65,500. A Teachers main role is to educate students from primary school through to secondary school and tertiary education. They are responsible for promoting a students' social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

The median salary of a Nurse in Australia is about $64,000. Nurses provide health care to people in public and private hospitals, aged care facilities and in the community.

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Use our salary calculator to work out how much your income will be after deducting tax. We also provide information on all aspects of your salary calculation including Superannuation, Tax Rates, Tax Returns, Tax Refunds, HECS Debts and Medicare Levy.

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